Mish Zanbik

Apr 18
Apr 18
7:00 pm
8:00 pm
Oriental Hall

Award winning short play on sexual harassment in Egypt followed by panel discussion

Play performance and discussion about sexual harassment in Egypt. This panel, which features a short theatre performance, discusses sexual harassment in Egypt. The play, Insih, written by AUC alum Nour Captan and performed by AUC students and alumni, is part of the Mish Zanbik project: a series of anti-sexual harassment training videos in Arabic and a book of original plays, It’s Not Your Fault created by AUCians. The discussion following the performance will share the realities of sexual harassment in Egypt as well as the work that is being undertaken to educate society, reduce incidents and empower victims to speak up.

Dina Amin
Associate Professor, Department of the Arts; Director, Theatre Program, AUC