Cairo: Growing Metropolis

Apr 20
Apr 20
4:00 pm
5:30 pm
Oriental Hall

This panel explores the massive urbanization taking place over 40 years of desert development and how they relate to the current transformations recurring at the urban core. From social housing to gated communities to the New Administrative Capital and urban renewal projects, there is a seeming return to the city that requires integrated urban planning. The panel brings in urban planners, scholars, and design thinkers to discuss how to cater to the urban citizen and achieve a viable sustainable future. The key question of the panel is how we can move forward from within the in-betweenness of things. What are the possibilities to inhabit the metropolis without compromising its heritage, dealing with informality (the vast majority), and opening up to the future (new capital)? In other words, how we can think of the metropolis as an integrated ecosystem.

Momen El-Husseiny
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, AUC